The Club holds stocks of clothing in club colours. Items not in stock can be obtained via Impsport Direct, this service allows club members to order clothes online individually. The club will still be placing bulk orders for clothing and this extra facility is for when we do not have in stock something that you may require.

You can log into the clubs clothing page and order your own items and have them delivered direct to your door. This means that you can order single items at any time you like. There is no need to wait for the rest of the club to place an order enabling quick and easy replacement of any items in the event of an accident. With the clothing coming direct to you.

The club login password for Impsport Direct is rE7U4eCre3 is case sensitive and goes in the "Club Category" box .Visit the Impsport website.



Items in stock are marked X.

    Make  Garment   S     M     L     XL    XXL XXXL Price
GSG Short Sleeve road top. Long zip.    x X  x   X 37.00
GSG Long Sleeve Roubaix top Long zip   x         56.00
GSG Roubaix Bib Longs with insert   x       56.00
GSG Bib shorts Team   x         44.00
GSG Bib Shorts Pro   x x       58.00
GSG Gilet   x x       45.00
Nalini Long sleeve Roubaix top. Long zip. X           32.00
Nalini Skinsuit           61.00
Nalini Overshoes   X X       20.00
Nalini Lycra Overshoes     X X     15.00
Castelli  Long Sleeve Roubaix Top Long zip      x       76.00
Castelli San Remo 3 Speedsuit     x       169.00


Please note the Nalini top and skinsuit are in the older design which contains more white.

As are the GSG gilets.